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The Castle of Vêves sacred Heritage favorite of the Walloons!


The Castle of Celles, known as the Castle de Vêves, classified as an exceptional monument, is one of the most remarkable specimens of 15th century military architecture.
The foundations of the primitive castle date back, according to tradition and chronicles, to the time of Pepin de Herstal (670-714), attracted to these places by the vicinity of Saint-Hadelin and by the favorable location of the hill which dominates and commands the old road from Dinant to Rochefort.
Destroyed in 1200, rebuilt in 1230, the buildings burned down at the beginning of the 15th century and were restored after the fire. The castle remained a fortress until the end of the Middle Ages.
During the Renaissance, a complete transformation of the buildings was carried out; later, under Louis XV, new modifications mainly concerned the interior design, woodwork, alcoves and wall windows. The plan forms an irregular triangle flanked by four large towers as well as two smaller ones.
Adults, Groups

Visit of the Castle

With its magnificent towers and beautiful woodwork, the Château de Vêves seems straight out of a fairy tale. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Belgium, an exceptional heritage of Wallonia and elected as the Walloons' favourite built heritage!

10 minutes from Dinant, come and discover this exceptional heritage of Wallonia. It’s the Middle Ages with a big M waiting for you there.

Proudly overlooking a superb valley, it is also pretty from the inside: still inhabited by the same family, fully furnished, the ‘Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant’ will delight young and old alike!

Staircases, galleries, terraces, large rooms, chapel and small cabinets are as many solicitations to wander around for pleasure. We recommend that you rather let yourself be guided according to your desires and the time you have available, progressing from floor to floor.

Children and Families

Family Treasure Hunt

Oyez, Oyez ...

Anno 1229 … A knight enters hastily in the courtyard of the Castle of Vêves. He returns from the Crusades, exhausted, but brings back from these lands a coveted treasure… the Real Blood or Holy Grail, for those close to him.
Knights, noble lords, miscreants and impostors seek this treasure in order to obtain eternal life.
No less than Lancelot, Perceval, King Arthur & Engrevain, son of Lot of Orcania and Morgana, 2nd best knight in the world and so many others are looking for it.

But this one will be piously kept here, within the walls of the Château de Vêves, for more than 800 years, protected, defended body and soul in order to pass it on to future generations.
This generation is… you! Who will find him?!

Old Castle in perfect condition, transformed into a 19th century residence, beautiful rooms decorated with taste, it's really worth the detour!

Visitor (Google Reviews)

We took the fun guided tour. It was great!! Children in disguise, knight ceremony, medieval dance, etc... To finish with the discovery of the treasure. Small reward to all the brave knights and princesses. To do. Without forgetting, the castle is superb too. We had a very good time.

Aurelie Jenard
Visitor (Google Reviews)

Beautiful castle proud on the outside and warm and welcoming on the inside. Excellent welcome, beautiful furniture, archival paintings, photos and disguises offered for the children! It's really worth the detour...

Visitor (Google Reviews)
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Practical information

Our address
Rue de Furfooz, 3
5561 Celles

Access by car

30 min from Namur, 50 min from Charleroi, 1h15 from Brussels, 1h15 from Liège, 1h15 from Mons

The Chateau has a parking lot at your disposal free of charge.

Access by train
Dinant train station, 15 min by cab from the Castle.

Schedules of visits

The Castle is currently OPEN.


  • Animals are not allowed in the castle unless they can be carried in the arms.
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